Changing My Tune on Live Blogging (A Bit)

It’s been one week since we experimented with a live blog. Since that time I have grown to appreciate what it can do, but I also still have some reservations. In case you missed it, you can find my initial reaction to live blogging here. You can check out a replay of our live blog of SportsCenter here.

My first complaint about live blogging in my original article was that the term was a misnomer. In all the instances I had seen, the blogging was never “live”. It was a rehash of posts and comments that would be updated periodically during an event. By the time the update took place, something else may have happened that required attention. It never seemed to be practical technically.

Well, I have since made a 180 degree turn on this issue. Soon after my original post I received an e-mail from Keith McSpurren, founder of a company called CoveritLive. He introduced me to his web-based software product that allows bloggers to actually blog “live”. (The software, as of this week, is now called CoveritLive. When I was introduced to it, it was called Altcaster. It’s the same product.) McSpurren was driven to create the product through his work as the manager of a private equity fund.

“I have CNBC on the TV most of the day. I’m constantly yelling at the TV when I hear something nonsensical said about a company or about basic economic principles. I felt that TV reporting was too limited for viewers who are really into the content. That, combined with the thousands of people in the financial services industry who believe they have something valuable to say led me to thinking about building a web based tool to give them the ability to report live without having to own a TV station to do it.”

McSpurren also says that level or frustration can also often be felt in sports, politics, and any other live venue where instant commentary may be of interest to some people.

“Instead of trying to get my personal perspective out there on the financial markets or sports, I decided to build a piece of software for everyone to use and let the readers decide who should be heard from or not.”

CoveritLive was released in August and McSpurren has been in constant contact with those who signed up to use the product to get their input in improving the software. McSpurren says he’s interested in how events are covered and feels CoveritLive will make that task better.

“Our technology is fairly advanced to deliver our software but user experience is really drawn from a lot of tools that are available today, instant messaging, polling, streaming video, online storage etc.”

Right now CoveritLive is free for all bloggers who wish to give it a try. McSpurren says depending on the success of the product, there may be opportunities for him to charge for premium upgrades or include banner ads in future versions of the software.

I must admit that during my first attempt at live blogging SportsCenter last week, I became sold on the concept of CoveritLive. It has huge potential. If someone else has a similar product, let me know about it. I’d be glad to try it out and review it here. I do plan to use CoveritLive again in the future. Stay tuned for more.

In terms of my other reservations on live blogging…I still feel that CoveritLive would work extremely well for the live blogging of sporting events that are not readily accessible to a large audience. Alums of a small college not living near the school could get the feeling they are at the big game through a live blog using software like CoveritLive.

I still do not see myself (although I am closer now than I was a month ago) joining in on a live blog of an event like the Super Bowl because I would be so focused watching the game that I wouldn’t also be online at the same time. But if CoveritLive is being used…I may be persuaded.

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