Live Blogging SportsCenter Tonight!

I’ve decided to not just criticize live blogging without giving it a try.  Join me tonight as I provide a running blog on the 10:30pm ET edition of SportsCenter.  The start time of the telecast may fluctuate as it is contingent on the Louisville/West Virgina football game finishing in three hours.  More than likely I will start the proceedings a little before 10:30pm ET and make adjustments based on the status of the game.

Those of you who read my criticism of live blogging remember that one of my biggest beefs was that the “live” aspect of it did not exist.  I have since been turned on to web-based software which allows for comments to be posted as soon as it is written.  It will look a little like a chat room.

You can add your two cents along with my posts.  When you come to the site tonight, you will see a place at the bottom of the post where you can include your name and your comment.  Once you send it I will be able to moderate it then pop it into the running live blog. 

I can also add other interesting pieces to the post which I hope will make it fun.  I think it will be a good experience for all.  (As long as I don’t screw it up!)

Please spend some time with us tonight as we take a critical eye to SportsCenter.  See you later!



  1. I’ve done live blogging during the Michigan NASCAR race this year that was pushed to a weekday (due to rain) while most people were at work as well as both Dale Earnhardt, Jr. press conferences.

    Here is the link to the Michigan race:

    I managed through a great deal of work to keep it “live”.

    The greatest value of live blogging is for someone to be able to blog via text message on a cell phone from an event.

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