Coach Flips Out On Media

Oklahoma State University defeated Texas Tech last Saturday 49-45, but you wouldn’t guess that based on Cowboy coach Mike Gundy’s post-game press conference.  Gundy took the media to task (at least the Oklahoman) for an article critical of the attitude of quarterback Bobby Reid.

Here’s the rant.

Not knowing the machinations of the Oklahome State football operation and their recent history of selecting quarterbacks, at first blush the article does seem to stake it’s claims on innuendo:

If you believe the rumors and the rumblings, Reid has been pushing coaches that way for quite some time.

I really take umbridge when reporters run with an article based on “rumors and rumblings”.  It is usually a recipe for ridicule.

Oklahoma State fans, was the article fair?  Did the Oklahoman go too far?  Share your thought with us.


  1. this guy has watched the first seven minutes of “patton” just a few too many times.

    memo to mike gundy (gumby?):

    you are not george patton. nor are you george c. scott.

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