Tell Us What You Think About ESPN

I am working on a new project and I need your help.

Many of us in the sports media blogsphere use our platforms to criticize people and organizations who report and comment on sports.  All these opinions are respected and have their place.  However I want to go beyond the criticisms.

ESPN is the favorite whipping boy on the Internet.  It’s understandable because they are the Big Kahuna of sports media.  I have also joined in on the bashing.

Here is where you come in.  I have two simple questions for you…easy to ask, but maybe not so easy to answer:

1.  What do you least like about ESPN?

2.  What would you do to change it?

The way I see it, many of us love to bash, yet we offer little solutions to make it better.  Here is my, and your chance, to change that.  Who knows,  maybe someone from ESPN will see the results and make some changes.

Send me the answer to those questions to  Make sure you include “ESPN” in the subject line.

I will accept answers for a few weeks and then post the results with my comments. 

Let’s have fun with this.  Be creative.  And maybe ESPN and all its viewers will benefit!  Thanks in advance!

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