Taking it to the Fans

We here in New England have followed with great interest the latest venture undertaken by Curt Schilling.   On March 7th Schilling took his life to cyberspace with the creation of his 38 Pitches blog. 

For some reason there are some in the mainstream media (like the Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy) who feel that what Schilling is doing is self serving and ego driven.  Dan is entitled to his opinion, but what is his real fear?  That Schilling will use his blog to “break” news instead of giving scoops to the Globe?  Welcome to the technological world we now live in, Dan!

The world of blogging has given many of us (myself included) the opportunity to become citizen journalists, or at the very least, citizen columnists with opinions to share.  Its impact has increasingly impacted how the world gets its information and opinion. 

Schilling has made it clear that he sometimes has problems with how he is portrayed in the media and how he would like to rectify it in through the blog:

“I don’t know that I’ll be changing my style, but I do know that getting ripped for something I say here will be getting ripped for something I actually said–with the entire contents of my comments included.”

I like the fact that Schilling has his blog.  It will be a way for fans to learn what is going through the head of a professional athlete…all with no space constraints!  I wish more athletes would follow suit.  Even though he has a web site, can you imagine finding out what goes through Manny Ramirez’s head each day?  Fascinating reading I’m sure!

I do think, however, Schilling needs to be reminded of the role the media plays in covering the team.  I agree that it appears Shaughnessey has a hair up his butt about Schilling.  I also believe that there are other members of the media who look for ways to make news when there is no need.  That’s the unfortunate nature of the business today. But most of the other beat guys do a credible job in reporting what happens to the Sox on and off the field.  They deserve respect.

Schilling should continue to use his blog to share his feelings with his fans.  Heck, I’m one of them.  He also needs to be mindful that by saying he is sometimes misrepresented in the press, that can be viewed as an indictment against the entire Red Sox press corps.  That’s unfair.

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