Guidelines in Analyzing Sports Radio

We plan to give our opinions on the effectiveness of sports radio stations from around the country.  In doing this, we want to let you know that we plan to take this task seriously.

To that end, we pledge:

To listen to a station for at least a three week period. We want to get a good feel about the station and its hosts.  Listening to just one broadcast may not be a good indication of how the programs are conducted.

To see how the hosts conduct interviews. The best hosts are the ones who provide a good flow to their show.  The good hosts handle each interview with the listener in mind.  The goal should be of eliciting information, not stroking an ego.

To see how the hosts deal with callers.  Good hosts know how to handle callers.  The best ones will engage the knowledegable ones and ditch the ones who bring nothing to the table. 

To see how the station supplements its talk shows with live sports and information. This includes the “flashes” and bringing lisetners breaking sporting news when it happens.  Play-by-play falls into this category.

To make sure the hosts are not the focus of the show.  The sporting events and the teams who play them should dictate the discussion.  The hosts should moderate and not make the shows about themselves.



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